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Dee Heights brings the most desirable blend of a prime location with modern amenities and facilities, a unique blend of affordability and lifestyle. The luxury of having a highlife steam room, gymnasium, lounging area, and a pool that you will never want to leave.

Your safety is of utmost importance for us, which is why Dee Heights features the latest available security technology, including closed-circuit cameras, firefighting equipment, a guard room, and on-site physical security patrols.

Beauty Saloon

For catering your styling needs with complete hygiene, there are beauty salons for both men and women.

Fitness Club

You can tune yourself by taking care of your physique. We provide fitness club for your regular exercises.

Swimming Pool

Freshen yourself up with a dive in the pool. Swimming pool is available for you to enjoy whenever you want.

Day Care Centre

Do not worry about your kids when going at work, there is a day care center with trained staff to facilitate you.

Super Store

Daily use items are readily available at super store. Buy anything you like without going anywhere.

Prayer Area

In order to offer peaceful congregational prayer, we provide excellent prayer facility to residents

Kids Play Area

It is a great place for kids to spend leisure time in the play area which is developed according to their interests.

Garbage Collection System

Staff will be available to provide neat and clean environment through well managed garbage collection system.

Smart Security System

With keyless entry and mobile application, we have implemented a smart security system to make the residents feel safe.

Passenger & Cargo Lifts

State of the art lifts installed for both cargo and passengers to facilitate everyone.

Servant Room

To ensure privacy of both families, we provide independent rooms for servants.

Car Parking

With massive urbanization, parking cars have become a great problem in the city. We provide independent car parking facility to residents.