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Building Vs Buying a House –Which one is a better option?

Owning a home is a significant accomplishment for all of us, especially in a country like Pakistan. We all wish to have our own home to live our life comfortably, especially when it’s custom-made just for you. The only issue is that custom-made things come with higher price tags and extended delivery times. At the same time, the process of buying a home involves several important choices. One of the first decisions buyers need to make is whether to go for an existing home or build a new one. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a look at both sides;

The benefits of buying an existing home:

  • Buying an existing home is a faster process. It usually takes around a month or two to choose and complete the buying process. 
  • You have the choice to compare prices and look for the best deal that best suits your requirements and budget.
  • An existing property usually is more closely located in the city center than a new home. This means it will be closer to public transport, hospitals, schools, work opportunities, and restaurants. 
  • You have the freedom of choosing a property for sale in Pakistan that may already have luxury facilities like a swimming pool, or a garden; things that could cost a lot in a new build.

The complications of buying an existing home:

  • An already established home may have an older construction that may lack specific modern-day amenities.
  • You may have to perform repairs or renovations to make it up to your standards. Depending on how much renovations are required, you may end up increasing your cost near to building a new home anyway.
  • The home will feel “lived-in,” which can be a turn-off for people looking to start anew with their family.

The benefits of building a new house:

  • Building a new home gives you tax benefits. Also, there will be no property transfer involved, so you can avoid some legal processes that existing home buyers have to go through.
  • You have the freedom to build a modern home that is more tech-friendly and energy-efficient. Also, you can custom-make your home to your exact specifications, including interior design.
  • New construction also saves you from overheads of maintenance issues. You also get the feeling of living in a new place with your family.
  • There’s less competition for buying a plot of land and building a home on it than there is for buying established homes.

The complications of building a new home:

  • The construction of new homes could take months, or even some times year to build and may include several delays and complications.
  • You may also require to get a property for rent to live in, while your new home is being built. Getting a property for rent in Islamabad and other metropolitan cities may cost you a lot. 
  • Adding a garden can considerably increase the costs of building a new home.

Whether you decide to build a new home or buy an existing property, you will need to engage some real estate marketing and management companies or a real estate developer in case of building a new home. If you are looking for a trusted partner to help you find the perfect home or plot for building a new home, Extell Marketing and Management company can help you in the entire process.