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CDA Set to construct the three-kilometer section of Rawalpindi Ring Road

The government of Punjab and the Capital Development Authority(CDA) have agreed to resolve the issue of constructing a 3 Km’s section of Rawalpindi Ring Road within the twin cities’ jurisdiction.

The under-constructed ring road will connect M1 (Peshawar Islamabad Motorway) to GT Road near Sangjani. New interchanges will also be constructed at (N-5) near Wapda Town and Margalla Road of Islamabad.

Last year, the Rawalpindi development authority attempted to construct the entire 3.4 Km section of the road. But due to the intervention of CDA, the work was stopped. Prime Minister Imran Khan backed the stance of CDA and said that the CDA will construct the road section as it falls under their jurisdiction.

The government of Punjab and CDA had a virtual meeting presided by Chief Minister Usman Buzdar itself. It was resolved in the meeting that the CDA will construct the section of road and an interchange. However, the government of Punjab will bear the cost of any work carried out inside the province’s jurisdiction.

The construction of Margalla Road is already in progress from Sanjgani to D-12, where it will be linked with Khayaban-e-Iqbal. The ring road around twin cities will be very beneficial to keep the cities safe from pollution and will also increase the value of the property for sale in Islamabad.

The meeting also determined that both parties will acquire the land in their respective areas, but the construction will be made by CDA. According to CDA officials, 1.6 kilometers of the road is within Islamabad’s city jurisdictions, while 1.8 kilometers is within Punjab.

The real estate development companies were eyeing this decision, as it will play a big role in the development of the area and the prices of properties depend a lot on it. We hope the construction of the road will be completed within the given timeframe.